DL Guys Playboy “Shady” He’s been there and done that on the ranch. He’s been on our ranch since he was a weanling. I started him lightly on the barrels in 2019. Then I got pregnant so he was just ranching. Summer of 2021 I worked him more on the barrels then sent him to AZ with Jenna Humble this winter. He came back just in time for calving & branding season. Shady is my husband Coles main ranch horse. He doesn’t have a hot bone in his body. I think he’d make a jam up breakaway horse. If we weren’t planning on having more kids soon he’d definitely be sticking around so I could go haul him. He’s an EASY keeper. He’s definitely a favorite and we don’t need him to leave but I just know he could be something with someone who is able to take him and go. FMI call Kyndra at 406-560-7525.

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