Check out this awesome little been there, done that cow pony. Peanut has drug many calves to the fire and has rode many fence lines. He’s a gentle guy that everyone in the family has ridden and enjoyed. Peanut is good to go on a Sunday family ride or pop him in the arena and heel steers off of him or let the kids run him around the barrels and poles. But don’t leave him tied to the trailer during the bronc riding—grab your chaps and pick up on him as he will last you all day. He’s gathered truck load, after truck load, of cows and yearlings across this beautiful South Dakota country. Peanut is flashy, proud and gives it his all whether at the feed bunk or under saddle. He’s a safe horse for the old timers when they are done with their coffee to go ranch on but the grandkids will be hot on their heels to take him away. He is handy broke to sort on in the fall, almost like a cutting horse. Peanut rides one handed and did I mention that he is safe to step on after a long winter getting that hay belly. Let out your cinch and take him to the calving pasture as he’s 14.2 hands and he’s easy to get on and off, whether you have to rope and tag one or pull the sled in out of the snow storm. Peanut is a true family ranch horse. Please contact Louie 605-488-0385 or Amy 608-575-3872

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